Step 1:

You need to own a Perfect Money Account.

Do you have Perfect Money Account? In case you don’t please follow the first steps below to create a Perfect Money Account. Go to perfect money website at   sign up by creating an account and after your registration at the perfect money, they will forward your Member ID to your email, that is what you are going to use in log into your PM account.

Step 2:
Funding your perfect money account.

Note that your Perfect Money Account Number that you are going to Fund is the Account number that starts with U with the green color $ US dollar sign, you can find that once you Login into your Perfect Money account. So your perfect money account number is the number that starts with U.

It is recommended that you buy a Perfect Money funding from a local exchanger in your local country just to make things fast, we recommend Instant Gold ng, visit their site:
Register with them and follow the necessary steps on how you can buy Perfect Money USD from them and fund your PM account and their customer service would be happy to assist you.

Once you have successfully funded your Perfect Money account, Use te Make payment button below or use the on Menu above; If you have any problem, question or help please leave a comment below.

2 Replies to “VIP Subscription Payment See Details Here”

  1. Abimbola Olaiya says:

    Hi am trying to make payment but don’t understand the platform and I don’t know my ID kindly please explained better or give me the normal account to pay to

    1. Go to Menu, use the Vip Subscription Payment You Will See Full Details there on how to make payment Via PM

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