Free Soccer Betting Tips & Sportybet/ng Users Booking Code

Use the following link to get free soccer betting tips for today;

Free Soccer Betting Tips

Tips and Betting Tips are posted on our Instagram @sportybetwinningcodes
For 99% winning Sure 3-10 Odds, every day of the week join our VIP

How does our Vip Works? Instead of our normal free tips which are 20+ Odds 

For VIP we give special sure 3 to 10 Odds to our VIP users every day sent to your phone number/email or via Instagram.

e.g 3+odds/3+odds each on separate tickets

Below are recent won VIP Game on 16/Dec/2019 screenshot from our VIP Subscriber;

Subscription fee to join VIP access is just $20 Now


Please stake only the amount that you can afford to lose, to make the picture clearer stake only the amount that won’t affect your financial means, stake only the amount that you can give to someone as a gift. (We won’t responsible for any bet loss and make sure that you are 18 years + because betting is very very addictive). You can find more at the disclaimer page






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67 Replies to “Free Soccer Betting Tips & Sportybet/ng Users Booking Code”

    1. This weekend result wasn’t bad at all go to Old Betting Results to see

    1. We are currently running Xmas promo just 10$ 5,000 Naira you will get VIP access from now till the end of December 2019. If you are ready to make payment let us know.

    1. We are currently running Xmas promo just 10$ 5,000 Naira you will get VIP access from now till the end of December 2019. If you are ready to make payment let us know.

    1. game has been posted on our site and social media

    1. Are you ready to make the payment for VIP subscription now? Please reply in order for us to email the payment link to your email

  1. How much is your VIP and how many odd do you give?
    Secondly, what’s your success rate? How often do you have back to back loss in the VIP?

  2. Apedo Donald Doe says:

    awesome i need 14/09/19 to 18/09/19 game pls

  3. DAVID A JACOB says:


  4. Can you guys please try and create a Telegram or WhatsApp group??? (Telegram more preferable)

  5. pls I have read so much Info. about you guys.
    you are just amazing
    ..How do I get the code

    1. Welcome, just visit our site daily to get the code, normally code is posted before 12 PM Central African time due to the fact that leagues are on break booking code can come a bit more because it takes so much time for us to get line ups and team news on the available leagues for now.

        1. No whatsap please, only email communication is accepted, we shall contact you via your email

  6. Sosu moses says:

    Good afternoon adm. Am happy to meet this site. Am also new to betting and I want to know more about it how to win and how I can also receive your betting predictions. Thanks

    1. All you need to do is visit our website daily to get the booking code and tips, we can’t wait for the pre season 2019/2020 season to fully resume.

  7. How do I split the bet by dividing it to get at least sure games from your total games (i am not talking about flexibet) Please.
    What exact week day do you start posting games.
    Keep up the good work

    1. If that is what you want then you will have to wait for our VIP

  8. Boss Admin, thanks for yesterday’s games on 18/05/2019. Out of 21 games, 18 came (keep it up). Well, I played 21/21 (lost), 20/21(lost), 19/21(lost)… It was 18/21 and 17/21 that won, I play with low funds tho. I still selected some games from the 21 games such as 7/7(lost) and another 6/6 (lost), odds are low so I can’t flexibet on them. You are trying well but what can I do to make sure I win more from your games tho.
    Could you be posting 2-3 booking codes from the slip code you always create to minimize losses.
    PS: Please send your number to me at 08057736967 so we can talk privately.
    You are the best sir, let today’s game be WOW please..

    1. Please give me your advice and your contact please. Please let today’s game be WOW as you placed it sir. Keep up the good worj

  9. Am entering the booking code but it seems to say invalid why?

    1. maybe it’s because the games have already started

    1. There is a green button below before you enter the amount to stake

  10. Admin you don’t post your games on time

    1. Hi Eric, The Lineups Sometimes Delay our post but we are working harder to be better and have the games post earlier and mind you key and sure F….x games are available just 1 hour before the kickoff, thanks for your comment.

  11. Please any game today or wait till Thursday? Secondly, I do miss most of your games because I don’t know when you do post your games.

    1. No Game until Thursday because we don’t want to put too much risk on our users money, we don’t care how much you are staking even 500 Naira is something so we don’t want risk your money on what we are not sure of so let’s wait until Thursday.

      1. Thanks Sir. The essence is to WIN and not to lose.

      2. thomas ayomipo says:

        please this my WhatsApp number 09061626984

        1. Please send us a DM on Instagram we can chat there @sportybetwinningcodes

  12. Booking Code For March 11 Has been posted

    1. What time do u normally post the booking codes and what today own 09056045985

      1. Booking Code can be posted at any time, it can be posted earlier than you could imagine, depends on how fast the preview is done, normally before 1 PM GMT you are supposed to see the booking code on Mid-week only. The posting of booking code is slow on mid-week and faster on weekends.

  13. When is today’s game predictions coming out

    1. Castro- Please calm down, we won 76 Odd 100/100 doesn’t mean we will win same way the following day, this is why people lose a bet. Midweek games are very difficult to calculate and predict at this moment so we recommend that you stick and wait for next Saturday weekend Games and stake high, but please stake low on the midweek game and remember stake what you can afford to lose and make sure you have an extra fund to live on.

  14. How far champions league and europa league code

    1. Hi Kunle, Europa League Code Has just been posted and now on Today Booking Code.

  15. Please do you also predict sportybet jackpot??????

    1. Eric, we do not predict jackpot games, to win a jackpot you need to be 200% lucky.

  16. You will find Daily Booking Code on Today Sporting Betting Code, if you don’t see today game there wait for a few minutes and refresh the page, few minutes do the same thing but daily tips and code is supposed to be on the Today tips by latest 1 PM.

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